The year of the Dog

According to the Chinese Zodiac it’s not currently the year of the dog, but for me the last year has been.

And I mean that in a good way.

  • It’s been a little bit over a year since I opened up Framed Pawtraits, my business, this website and blog.
  • It’s been a year of doing what I love, photographing dogs.
  • It’s been a year after I realised what my passion is, I’ve always been a photographer, but never quite found my passion, never thought ‘dogs’ would be it.
  • It’s been a year of learning, exploring, and doing stuff I never thought I would do…And loving every minute of it.


Year of the Dog


I’ve mostly used this blog to post updates about dogs that I photographed, but this year I would like to take a new direction and get more ‘personal’ with my blog posts.

These blog posts are intended for everyone who love dogs, this website, and my business; everything on is intended for people who like me, L.O.V.E dogs.

I would love to connect more with people who love dogs:

People who’s dogs sleep on their bed. People who get wet kisses from happy doggies. People who treat their dogs as human children. People who talk to dogs as if they understand. People who take their dogs for walkies. People who see their dogs as family members. People who cry when a dog gets hurt. People who can look a dog in the eye and the only thing they see reflected in their eyes are LOVE. And Of Course: People who would love to have beautiful photographs of their dogs hanging in their homes.


I read an awesome quote this morning:

Children are for people who can’t have dogs.

~Author Unknown


This pretty much says it all! I know quite a few people who either by choice, or not, decided to have doggy children instead of human children. Gotto love them! And I would love to connect with you if you have dogs as children!
We share a special bond, a bond created by the love of dogs! We are all part of a pack. And I would love to connect with other packs.
I would love to meet other pack leaders and their dogs.

The past year I met quite a few pack leaders and their dogs, and my wish for year two here at Framed Pawtraits is to connect with even more dogs and their pack leaders a.k.a their parents!

I had the opportunity to photograph some wonderful dogs the past year, and my wish for the second year is to photograph even more dogs. Have more dog parents have beautiful photographs of their dogs hanging on their walls in their home/offices.


As I mentioned above, we all share a special bond:

And being a proud owner/parent of an amazing dog, and previously had a lot of dogs as pets/children. I know how sad it is when your dog dies, one that has been part of your pack for a couple of years, it’s whole life! And I know that having a beautiful photograph to look at, a beautiful photograph that shows their unique personality is priceless.

I would love to give every dog owner/parent/pack leader the opportunity to also have beautiful photographs hanging in their homes. A piece of art made with love of a loved one. A beautiful photograph that shows their unique and special personality. An amazing art piece that you can look at, and remember the good times shared between you and your dog when they are no longer with you.

And why not? Why not have a beautiful photograph of your dog? He/she is as much part of your family as any other human in your family. Well, that’s my believe.


I would love to hear form you too. And I would absolutely love to meet your dog.

Are you looking for a beautiful photograph of your dog? Connect with me! Visit my contact page, and browse the gallery of other dogs that I had the privilege of photographing. And I hope to add your dog to the gallery too.


Doggie Blessings!