The Fine Art Dog Photographer

The Beginning of The Dog Photographer

I’ve been photographing people for a couple of years, from weddings to fitness, and everything in between. Although I loved all the different kinds of photography I had the privilege of doing, it never really touched my soul as much as photographing dogs did.

Apart from photographing people, I took photographs of dogs on the side, but never really thought of being a dog photographer. Recently we got a pit bull puppy, named Dusty (my dad’s little pup), and with all the stigma and bad vibes that pit bull’s carry I thought we better take her for some training.

Fine Art Dog Photography

Two or three weeks ago after training I took little Dusty in studio, and probably for the first time in a long time enjoyed photography.

We had a lot of fun in studio. After looking at the photos, I realized it was time that I take stock of my photography business, and see what I really enjoy, what makes me happy, and what I love. That’s when I came to the conclusion that dog photography was for me. Dog photography gives me the most joy in this business. I also realized that me taking photographs of dogs on the side was actually doing better than what I was actually in business of photographing.

Pet Photographer

Opening Framed Pawtraits – Fine Art Dog Photography

So I opened Framed Pawtraits. Providing Fine Art Dog Photography to people who, like me, love dogs, and think of them as part of the family, and not just another pet they have. People who would love to have quality framed art work, be that canvas prints or beautiful glossy prints in large frames, or even beautiful coffee table albums.

My main goal/vision is for everyone, who love dogs, to have quality art work of their dogs in their home or office, and not some image files on a disk on a computer somewhere.  Something physical they can look at, something beautiful that will make them happy!!!

Framed Pawtraits

So, with Framed Pawtraits being officially open, I decided to also have this blog, to keep you up to date with what’s happening here at Framed Pawtraits, the awesome puppies and dogs I get to meet and photograph, and also some tips and thoughts about dogs that I might have…

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Dog Photography

Thank you for vising my website, you are welcome to leave me a comment below, or contact me from my contact page. Would love to hear from you, and looking forward to meeting you and your dog soon for an awesome photo session!!!


Eugene – Your Dog Photographer