Shooting Star

Shooting the Border Collie : Star

We had the privilege of photographing another awesome and amazing Border Collie named Star.

Her mom is an amazing dog trainer and after discussing the photo session, mommy trained Star the night before for certain poses that she had in mind.

Star also received some training while we were busy with the photo shoot to put her paws up on the pedestal, something she wasn’t really trained for, but in under a minute she had the pose learned and did it flawlessly!

Border Collie Star

Photographing Star was a real pleasure. She is such an amazing dog!

I have to say this again, but it seems Border Collies are a very popular breed, I had the honour of photographing quite a few Border Collies, and each one is just as amazing as the next.


Below are few of my favourite photographs of Star.

 Shooting Star Collie

Art Border Collie

Smiling Border Collie

Also have to mention, that I especially enjoyed the photo session because It’s been quite a long time since I photographed a dog on a black background, and have to say, i thought I was ‘so over that’… but it was fun “going back to my roots”!

Happy Border Collie

I did mention that Star’s mommy is an amazing Dog Trainer… But you ain’t seen nothing yet..!
We didn’t just photograph Star, we also photographed her two ‘sisters’ that was also trained by Star’s mommy, and you’ll never guess what they are…

But I will put up a post about them real soon!!!