Rescue Puppy–Dog Photography

Last weekend Saturday we adopted a little puppy.

It all started with the WODAC expo, me and my girlfriend were looking for a puppy, and after seeing all the dogs at the expo, we were no less closer to choosing a ‘brand’ of dog. The dog I really want (a Papillon) is a little bit to expensive, and I really can’t see myself paying over R10 000 for a doggie. Although we saw a Papillon at a flea market for R1500, I really don’t want to buy from ‘pet shops’ and supporting puppy mills. So we passed on the pet shop pup.

After WODAC we were keeping our eyes on the local animal shelters, to see if they maybe have some pups we can adopt, and the week before last, the Friday evening Wetnose posted on their Facebook page that 4 little 6 week old puppies will be available the Saturday for adoption.

Saturday morning we raced to Rayton to make sure we’re at Wetnose as soon as they open their doors, just in case someone else are also looking to adopt these cute little pups.

We were the first to arrive at Wetnose, and went to look at the pups, 4 female Peke-Daxi cross puppies. Apparently the mommy went home the Friday, leaving her 6 week old pups behind, I guess the owner of the mommy didn’t want to have to deal with puppies, and took the mommy to Wetnose so she can deliver the pups there, and get her dog back, puppy-less… So we got a real tiny baby…

It was really difficult to choose a puppy. But after about 10 minutes we decided on one and brought her back home with us… We actually thought we were only going to book her and get her in 2 weeks time… We weren’t really prepared to bring her back home the same day.. But we did and since then she has only given us plenty of joy…After bringing home the pup, the name game started, what are we going to call her… After a few tries with different names we settled on Gypsy.

We’re real excited to see her grow up to see what she has more of, Peke or Daxi, so far I see more Daxi than Peke…

Yesterday morning we took Gypsy in studio to get some nice photos of her before she grows up.. Was quite a mission seeing that she just woke up and only wanted to play… But we managed to get a few nice shots of her…

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I also have to take this time to thank my girlfriend for getting up in the middle of the night to take little Gypsy outside while I’m still in dream land.. Thank you…You are the best mommy!!!