Rescue a Dog

Rescue a dog, my experience… and how it changed my life!

To Rescue a dog…and what to do!

It was late one evening in 2009. My phone rang. It was my dear friend.

“I want to ask you a favour”


“Pretty Please…”

“Ok, what favour?”

“Well… I rescued a dog… She is so very cute, you’ll love her.”

After much hesitation I went to my friend that evening to meet this dog.



Earlier that day my friend went to someone’s house to look at a cat they wanted to sell. When she left, this dog was jumping up against her. A very dirty and neglected dog. There were a lot of other dogs as well, but this little one came to say “Hello” or “Please Help Me”.

She went home disgusted at the circumstances and living conditions of all those dogs and cats. She phone the people, and said she’s not interested in the cat, but wants the dog. After lots of negotiation, they agreed that she can have the dog.


My friend went to rescue the dog, got home, gave the dog a good bath and brush, and got rid of all the ticks and fleas.

Then… She phoned me.

I went to my friend to meet this dog. With all intention not to take the dog, and just to look at the dog and telling my friend “NO”.


This little frightened dog sat there, not knowing what to do. She just sat there, looking and shivering. Scared of all the attention.

I went down on my knees, and sat next to her, but she didn’t want to be touched. She probably never received any human affection at all. Poor baby!


I felt very sorry for her, and agreed that I would take the dog.


That was the best decision I ever made. Rescue a dog, and give it love!


I named her Jackie, she looked like a jackal to me… I’m probably the only one that saw that, cause my friend had another name in mind…

But, me and Jackie went home.


The first few months she followed me everywhere. Like a shadow.

She would sleep on my lap, or at my feet while I’m working on the computer, and if I just got up to make coffee or something, she would follow me.

Later she relaxed and went wherever she wanted on her own. After I got up in the mornings, she would still be asleep till 11 am every morning.

She had a few problems, but the main issue was that she had a very sensitive stomach, and had to be fed special food for sensitive stomachs. Every now and then she would eat something she’s not allowed to eat, and she would scream like a little girl every time I touch her. Was so sad, but we got through it!


Late one night in 2011, I got home, and she ran out the gate, chasing a cat, and as she crossed the street a car ran over her. I was confused. Looking for Jackie. The woman who ran her over got out of her car, but it was all a blur as soon as I saw Jackie lying in the road. I can’t remember what the lady said. I picked Jackie up, blood dripping from her nose. I was in tears. I couldn’t contain myself. I cried like a baby.

That night I buried my dear Jackie. My baby. I miss her. Years later… But I still miss her!

It’s amazing how a small little creature like that can dig a hole in your heart, and call it home! Living there, inside you, for years to come!


I took some photographs of her while she was still alive, a lot of photographs. And I’m so happy I did. I’m so happy I took some beautiful photographs that I could print and frame and hang on my walls.

A reminder of this little soul, that touched my soul!


RIP Dear Jackie.

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    1. that, at least is some comfort to know that her last days were happy ones!! and yes, they all do deserve good homes with good mommies and daddies that love them!

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