Puppy Photography, Not so easy

As mentioned on my Facebook Page earlier, I’m finally posting the photos of the rescue puppies.

Rescue Puppies

I think the cutest things in the world are puppies, but there’s one thing that’s even cuter than that… That’s rescued puppies!

These two brothers were rescued together, and although they came from the same mommy and daddy, they don’t look at all the same. The one little brother is a bit taller than the other, and to me, if you see them in real life; they don’t look the same either, different faces… But they both are very very cute.

Puppies in Studio

Puppy Photography

I love photographing dogs, but the most challenging so far has got to be photographing puppies. With puppy photography you just can’t tell what their next move will be… I think of all the photography out there; baby and puppy photography has got to be the most difficult, but the most fun as well!!!

The most difficulty part is probably to get their attention. Getting puppies to keep still is easier than getting them to look at you.. And when they finally look at you they have the most adorable faces on this planet, and sometimes you miss the shot because you are just in awe of the cuteness…


Photographing this two puppies was no exception. Laughter throughout the whole photo session… And feathers… blue feathers everywhere. They loved tasting all the props, tiny teeth marks in the basket and the flower pot…and I think they got a chance to take a bite of my finger as well…

Puppy Photography Puppy Photography Puppy Photography in Studio

These two cute puppies are a bit bigger now, and we are scheduling another photo shoot of them soon. Would be interesting to see them now, how they behave and if there will be anything left after the photo session!