Photographing Four Border Collies

A while ago I went to photograph 4 Border Collies, all belonging to the same mommy. They are all very well trained and very well behaved, except the baby sister.. She is a bit scared of strangers, but after a while she got use to me being around and taking photographs of her. And ended up really enjoying it!!!

While I was taking photographs of her, her mommy used the time to also train her using a clicker, and giving a treat for being well behaved and posing for the camera… After a while she realized that every time the camera beeps (focusing) I click the shutter and then mommy clicks the clicker and she gets a treat.. It was awesome to see how quickly she realized that, and as soon as she hears the camera beeps she looked straight into the lens, waiting for the camera to click and then her mommy to click so she can get a treat.

I ended up playing a staring  game with her, as soon as the camera beeps and she looks straight at me I wait to see how long she can keep staring at me.. She won every time!!!

I had a great time photographing these four amazing Border Collies.

Border Collie in studio Photographing Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Pet Photography

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