Pet Photographer – Don The Cat

Fine Art Dog Photographer to Fine Art Pet Photographer.

The change from just a Dog Photographer to a Pet Photographer:

I was contacted to photograph a Miniature Schnauzer… and a cat.

Although I’m mainly a dog photographer, I’ve photographed a few cats in the past. I was a bit nervous to photograph another cat. I like dogs, they are active and sort of have facial expressions, and personality. I’ve never owned a cat, so I don’t know about cats and their expressions, and don’t even know if they have personalities.

I found this cat with a dog like personality on Youtube. But not all cat’s are like that; if only.. Would have made things much more interesting, and I might have owned a cat.

I went to photograph Eva and Don; Eva’s older brother. After meeting Don for the first time I was a bit anxious to photograph him, but after seeing that he was actually a very relaxed and easy going cat, I relaxed and got to take some beautiful photographs of him and Eva, and like Eva, Don also has a beautiful soul.

The photo shoot was postponed for a week because Don became ill and didn’t feel like having photos taken. A week later Don felt much better, but still not very active, and a bit shy. He wasn’t as eager as Eva to have his photos taken. It took a lot of treats and toys to get him to look at the camera, and it took a lot of sweet talk to keep Eva away from the treats.

While taking photos of Don I didn’t think we would manage to get a lot of good photographs of Don, but in the end I took almost just as much photos of Don as I did of Eva. I was also surprised by the personality that I manage to capture.

So in the end it all went very well. I think it’s time to change my title to “Pet Photographer”. Besides dogs, I quite enjoy taking photos cats.

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