My dog isn’t well behaved

So Your dog isn’t well behaved??

You found my website, either from my Facebook page, or a tweet, or a google search, or *holding thumbs* someone you know told you to visit my website, look around and also have your dog photographed.

You’re thinking to yourself “Self… I would also love to have beautiful art of my little pooch…

But then… The FEAR & DOUBT sets in:

“my dog isn’t well behaved”
“my dog is so very, uncontrollably naughty”
“my dog won’t sit still to have someone take a photograph of him”
“I’m going to spend money, having photographs taken of a blurrrrrr?”
“I’ll never be able to get such awesome photographs of my dog…”
“etc etc etc”

Well, I’m here to take some of your fear and doubt away. You know why…you know how?

This what you see around my website is what I do. I specialise in Dog Photography.
I don’t take photographs of weddings on weekends, or photographs of a toi-toi during the week and only in my spare time photograph a dog or two, Nope. This is what I do.
All my attention, every thing I do goes to the dogs. (I mean that in a good way)

Most of the dogs you see here on my website are just that, dogs… untrained…naturally…dogs.
And *this is a secret* I even photographed a dog that was well trained, but… couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes, and you know what, That is Okay!

I still managed to take beautiful photographs of that dog.

How do you do that?

Well, the short answer… I Love Dogs. I do believe I have a special bond with dogs. And I think dogs know that, they can sense that!
I also understand dogs, I passed a dog-training course, and was told that I’ll make an excellent dog trainer. ;)


But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve:

  • You see, when you book a photo session for your dog (well behaved or not) I get as much info from you as I can about your dog. The more I know the better.
  • We photograph your dog at your home. Our studio is mobile, and that is what helps the most. Your dog is being photographed on their own turf, so not much there to distract him, he knows his territory.
  • We have plenty of yummy treats that always helps to get and keep their attention!
  • We don’t have a set time limit, you don’t pay us by-the-hour, we stay there till everyone is dog-tired! :)


Did this info help?

Maybe not yet.. Let me show you something…

What is the least, untrained dog you know? And everyone that ever owned one will know…

A Puppy!

And…brace yourself… My favourite type of dog to photograph: PUPPIES!!

Just look at these two puppies!
They were (and still are, for the most part) untrained, and their mommy received the most amazing wall art of her two cuties!

Photograph well behaved puppies

dog isn't well behaved Well behaved dog Puppy Behave

Well behaved Dog


Hopefully I managed to take away some of your fear and doubt that’s keeping you from making a booking and having your dog photographed, turned into beautiful art, and amazing decor for your home!

If you still have questions or doubt or fear, please feel free to contact me!

And now? With all this info, and a more relaxed feeling, you can go ahead and make a booking for your pooch!

Contact Us Here.


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  1. Those are MY Puppies. Rescue puppies at that. And they were two little nightmares! Eating the props, running off after each other, and then falling asleep…
    But Eugene managed to get the most beautifull photos, never ever getting upset or annoyed with them. Everyone had fun!

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