Mutters Dog Day Event

Mutters Dog Day happened almost two weeks ago.

I’m sitting here on this cold winters day, and I can’t believe how time just moves so quickly. How did we get in the middle of the year? It feels like yesterday that we hit the N14 to go set up our stall at Mutters Dog Day.

It was the first time I had a stall at an event of any sorts, ever. Never done anything like that. So that in itself was a whole new experience! But it was a good experience!

We were blessed with nice weather, was probably the last nice weather for the season before the cold of Winter hit.

After everything was set up, the first dogs started to arrive, and wasn’t long after or there were dogs everywhere! All kinds of breeds and sizes.

We had quite a few people visiting our stall, and it was so nice to meet all the other dog-lovers and their dogs. The one thing I noticed, besides all the dogs, was that people aren’t really aware that they can have the most amazing decor in their home/office of their beloved dog! A beautiful photograph of their dog hanging on their wall. People were like “Wow, I didn’t know you can do that” I heard it the whole day, and that actually made me happy to be able to share that with people. Not only is your dog a life long friend and companion, but also an amazing wall of art!

And why wouldn’t you want a beautiful photograph of your dog on your wall? They are also part of your family, an adopted- child, brother or sister. So go ahead and hang them on the wall as well!! And of course that is where you contact me to make sure you get the perfect piece of art that you can hang on your wall. A beautiful canvas, photo print or image wrap.

Mutters Dog Day was an awesome event, not just for me, but I think for all the dogs as well! Lots of events that they could compete in and meeting all the other dogs. Hopefully I can be at Mutters’ again next year, and hopefully I will see more people there and photograph more awesome doggies! You can visit Mutters’ Facebook page to stay up to date with their events and happenings throughout the year.

Below are some of the awesome doggies I had the privilege of photographing! I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to not only photograph these amazing dogs, but also meet their awesome owners/parents!

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