Meeting The Winner

The Winner of The Beeld Spoiled Pets Competition: Blitz

On the 30th of March the winner of the Tshwane-Beeld Pet Photo Competition was published.

Tshwane Beeld
Tshwane Beeld 30 March 2016

Early last month we had the honour of meeting Blitz, the winner of the Beeld photo competition, and his mommy, Karin.

We arrived at their home to photograph Blitz, and was asked by Karin if we could photograph his sister, Millie too.

Oh my word, Millie has the cutest face I ever saw, so much character. She was really shy when we met, but after setting up and getting ready for the photo session, Millie calmed down and enjoyed our company. I guess getting lots of yummy treats had something to do with it, but that’s okay. We had a great time!

Tshwane Beeld Pet Photo Competition Beeld Photo Comp

Blitz is just amazing… He is a very well trained dog, and had lot’s of tricks up his sleeve. Even showing us how shy he is by hiding behind his paw. Just too cute. He definitely deserved to win.

Blitz also has a face with lots of character, and those eyes. Striking.

Blitz might look a little bit sad in the picture below, but he was just checking out and waiting for that treat hanging above his head. A treat well deserved!

Tshwane Beeld Photo Comp

Photographing this brother and sister was a lot of fun. We enjoyed every minute, and I’m sure they enjoyed it too.

Congrats Blitz. Hope mommy and daddy enjoyed the other prizes you won for them as well.

And Thank you Karin, we had a great time meeting you and Blitz and the rest of your family.

Tshwane Beeld Pet Photo Comp