Coffee & Dogs – Meeting The Vegans

On meeting a Vegan

This Past Sunday we went to the Paws4Love Market in Greenside, Johannesburg.

Firstly, it’s was a Vegan Market, (and I never thought I would say this, but… ) With all things yummy. I never thought Vegan food would actually taste so good.
(I don’t have any Vegan friends so this was very new to us)

Cheese made from Nuts… The big shocker for me, and the tastiest… Okay, no the tastiest must have been the all Vegan Cupcakes. Oh-My-Word. Still in shock!

Paws4Love Market
The main reason for us going to the Market was to get out there and meet people. (I mentioned in a previous post earlier this year that one of my goals for 2016 is to go to more markets and events, and meet more people/dogs.)

I have to say… Vegan people are so nice!

We chatted to a lot of people, firstly about our dog photography, and secondly about Vegan stuff. (and I’m Sorry to say I’m not Vegan…yet)
But chatting to all these awesome people certainly opened my eyes to the possibility, and getting some tips on how to maybe introduce the ‘vegan’ thing into our home. Really something to consider.

We met quite a few awesome dogs as well. From Collies to Schnauzers, and everything in between.
…and also chatting to old friends we made at previous markets/events.

Besides all the other market stalls, there were also some very cool entertainment. Belly Dancers and Music.

Paws4Love Belly Dancers
Paws4Love Entertainment Paws4Love Dancing

I’m looking forward to the next event, and the next Vegan market as well.. Definitely going to eat more next time!!

I have to say a big Thank you to Tricia (from no-more) the event organiser, what a wonderful soul!

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Thanks for joining me for a cup of Coffee..
chat soon!

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