Love Sessions

Our Newest Offering: Love Sessions

Our Newest Photo Session is called: “The Love Session“. We added this photo session to expand the service we provide to our awesome clients.

The Love Session


We had quite a few people ask if we can photograph them together with their dogs, at first we didn’t do that…Well we did, but didn’t advertise that we do.

But Now… You can finally book your own photo session and have your dog included as well…

Actually no… What I meant to say was: You are welcome to join in the fun, and have beautiful photographs of you and your dog… If they say it’s okay!

Yes! That is correct. If they say it’s okay, then you can join.


Our aim with every ‘Love Session’ we do is to capture the unique and special bond that you have with your dog. This isn’t just candid photographs of you and your dog, but photographs with meaning and emotion. Every photograph will show some aspect of the love & bond you share with your dog.

This Love Session can take place at any location where you and your dog will feel comfortable, especially your dog, so a familiar location would be best; a park, a room in your home that your dog loves, his bed, the living room or outside under a tree.

These Love Sessions are also a time to get really creative and have fun.

And The best news… It’s available with all our Photo Packages, and can include up to two dogs, and up to two people, at no extra cost.

Please contact us here should you require more info regarding these amazing Love Sessions, or contact Eugene today on 076 499 7515.


Also Remember our Mother’s Day Special. Go here to read more about that, and contact us to book your spot.