Irwin Animal Rescue Centre

Visiting Irwin Animal Rescue Centre

Last month we went to visit Irwin Animal Rescue Centre to photograph some of the dogs that they have up for adoption.

They have mainly older dogs at their rescue centre, but each one of them so very special!


If you are looking for a dog, consider adopting a dog…
And if you have considered adopting a dog…Consider an older dog…


I have to say, I was always against adopting older dogs. All the reasons I read about on social media about people that don’t want other people’s problems, and all that craziness.

All that these old dogs want is to be loved. They have so much love to give. Yes I think it does take a special kind of dog lover to adopt a ‘senior’ dog, and if you realise that they do arrive with some baggage, and just give them time to adapt, then I’m sure they would make the best companions ever!

Visiting Irwin Animal Rescue Centre opened my eyes, and if I can adopt another dog I would definitely consider an older dog.


We only managed to photograph 2 dogs (time wasn’t on our side) But we are looking forward to go visit Irwin Animal Rescue again, very soon!

Below are the 2 awesome dogs we photographed. If you are looking to adopt either one of these beautiful dogs, or maybe another one (they have plenty of amazing dogs) Contact Irwin Animal Rescue here.



We had a great time photographing Dupi. She is just such an awesome dog, she doesn’t have a lot of teeth left, but oh so cute and oh so friendly! She is such a big teddy bear!

Adopt an older dog
Meet Dupi

Dupi – Age 8+ – she is really the office clown, she loves to steal things and carry them around, she will go through the second hand items donated to the centre and carry out things she likes, all for us to put them right back…. she loves attention and loves to play. Dupi is social with other dogs, we just aren’t sure about cats. Please phone Tanya on 078 199 5861, or There is no adoption fee, all our dogs are sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and micro-chipped.

Irwin Animal Rescue Johannesburg
Dupi – Age 8+



Ahh Tazz… What fun to photograph this little girl… She made us laugh…permanently… those facial expressions would change any bad day into a happy day!!!

Irwin Animal Rescue Centre
Meet Tazz

Tazz – Age 5 – she is just the sweetest girl ever, she adores attention and tickles on her tummy. She is social with other dogs and loves kids, we just aren’t sure about cats. Tazz has the sweetest facial expressions and will make you smile and laugh all the time. Please phone Tanya on 078 199 5861 or to meet her. There is no adoption fee, all dogs are sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and micro-chipped.

Adopt a senior Dog
Tazz – Age 5


Irwin Animal Rescue Centre is located in Walkerville, Johannesburg.

For more info Contact Tanya on 078 199 5861.

Visit them here