Hamlet The Basset

Yesterday we went to WODAC – The World Of Dogs and Cats. Was my first time there, and it was quite exciting seeing all the pet products available, the dog breeders, and the dog shelters. The most exciting was probably all the dogs there. Small ones, cute ones, big ones, fluffy ones and scruffy ones. Was also kind of weird, seeing that it’s a dog and cat show, to see reptiles, birds, ironing boards, fitness equipment and cheese graters. But I guess at every expo you need some “distraction”. Looking forward to going next year again, when Dusty will be all grown up and I can get a nice harness for her.

Anyway, here are some photos taken a couple of weeks ago of Hamlet the Basset. I think Bassets are probably the most difficult to photograph, or at least to get some nice shots of their eyes, being all droopy, you don’t see their eyes clearly all the time.. But I think I managed to get some nice shots of this Basset..

   Basset Hound Basset Photography

Basset Pictures Hamlet The Basset

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