Gypsy Says: Who Am I


My Name is Gypsy!

Maybe you know me already, but I’ve hijacked daddy’s computer and decided to put my paws on this thing in front of me and hey!

I was born at and Animal Shelter called Wetnose, the year 2014, day 10 of the month of June. You can read more here about what daddy said about adopting me.

Anyway, the day that they chose me and took me away from my sisters was kind of a sad and happy day.

Here’s an old photo I found on daddy’s computer, apparently the first photo he took of me on the grass at Wetnose, before they brought me to my new home.

Who is Gypsy
My First Photo

I looked so scared there, but I somehow knew that these humans will look after me very well! So far I’m right! They Looooooove ME!

Apparently these humans had to pay money to get me, but that is fine, they did it with a smile, because they knew the money would go towards other doggies like me, to help and care for them too, so they were happy, cause they got something more valuable in return… ME!!!!

After we arrived at, what would be my new home, we played on the grass, and I explored everything the new place had to offer, was so much bigger than the cage I was in.. FREEDOM!!!!

Me Playing and Exploring

But, being only a few weeks old I got tired, and well, daddy’s lap seemed cozy!

Who is Gypsy,
Sleeping Beauty

I think I was the Prettiest thing I ever saw… Still am!!!

The following days I started to feel more at home, and starting to forget about where I came from, and started looking forward to enjoying.. FREEDOM!!!!

Now this photo, you have to admit is The Cutest Thing EVA! Look:

Gypsy Says Who am I

Have you ever seen something so damn cute??? I look so cute!!!

Wait… I got to run… Think I heard daddy..