Dog Photographs On Location

Dog Photographs taken on location: The “in” thing to do.

Besides photographing your dog in studio (what I call Fine Art Dog Photography) I also offer you the option to have your dog photographs taken on location (I call it Life Style Dog Photography).

I can photograph your dog at a location of your choice, and if you don’t know of any nice locations that you would like to have your dog photographs taken, I use a very pet friendly park here in Pretoria where I love to take dog photographs. It’s a beautiful park, with lots of green grass, and plenty of space for your dog to run around care free, enjoying the freedom and just being a dog!

Besides the park, other locations can also be used. If you would feel more comfortable having photographs of your dog taken at your home, especially if your dog isn’t use to parks, then that can also be arranged. What better way than to have beautiful framed photographs hanging on your wall of your dog on location, especially if that location is your own garden… Bringing the outside, inside!

If you are interested in having your dog photographs taken on location, contact me here to find out more about my Life Style Sessions.


Below are some samples from previous Life Style Sessions. So much fun for the dogs to just run around and enjoy life!!! It’s a dog’s Life!!!