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…My Kryptonite really.

Clicker Training
The Clicker

Do You know the Clicker? If you’ve taken your dog for training, you probably did ‘clicker’ training. All to do with Positive Re-reinforcement.

I have to say, it’s an amazing experience, you really bond with your dog during those training sessions. Sadly, we don’t go to training school anymore, but the good thing is, you learn how to use the clicker on your own… but I miss the training, if you can go you have to go!
If you would like to take your dog for training… Contact Me, I can put you in touch with an amazing dog trainer!!!

We received the clicker, and the training manual, but, (and that’s why you should go to training if you can) we don’t use it.

Gypsy is just having a ball, she (my fiancée might disagree) is a bit naughty, and we seriously need to do some training again!

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, she’s not that naughty, little things that she can probably stop doing, like chasing lizards… Wednesday night she actually manage to catch that Gecko. Luckily we got her to drop the little lizard, and it’s still alive. But now I’m looking for that training manual, need to teach Gypsy some manners. “Don’t eat the Lizards Gypsy!!

If I really have to think about it, Gypsy is actually a very well behaved dog, not naughty at all. I know dogs that are much worse!

The problem is…Gypsy Knows what the clicker means, “It’s Time for Treats!” So when the clicker comes out she is very well behaved, but take it away, and the attention goes away as well!

But this weekend I’m going to find that training manual, and we are starting training ASAP!

Wish me luck!


Talking about training dogs… There is this guy that takes his dog with him to our local Pick & Pay, and he leaves his dog outside, not tied to anything, the dog just sits outside… and waits… Waiting patiently for his owner to return, not moving… at all! Now that is amazing!

Thank you for reading!
I mentioned in my previous blog post that I would like to blog more often, and I thought I would make a regular blog post called Coffee&Dogs.
Hope you’ll join me again next time for a cup of Coffee and a chat about Dogs!