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Meeting Bruno the Boxer

Quite a while ago I took photos on location of a Boxer named Bruno. He is an old boy but still very active and alert for his age. Besides being very active, he is also very friendly. Nothing gives this old boxer so much pleasure as to play with his siblings.

It’s always amazing to see how all the different dogs react to being photographed. Some are very active that you struggle for them to settle down, and some just stare at you, and just loves all the attention… And treats!

It took a while for Bruno to settle down, I think he was mostly just very shy. But with yummy treats he quickly realized that looking at the camera might be beneficial for him, as he gets some nice treats to eat every time the big black thing that is pointed at him goes ‘click’.

He is the soul of honesty and loyalty, and is never false or treacherous even in his old age.

Such true words about the Boxer Breed. While photographing him, you could just see in his demeanor the loyalty towards his owners and his ‘siblings’.


Besides photographing what I love: Dogs, there is one other thing that I also love about my work: Meeting and learning more about all the different dog breeds out there.

I only know about the dog breeds that we owned. I never really bothered to learn more about other dog breeds that we weren’t interested in owning. So meeting all these ‘new’ breeds is quite exciting as it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the subject I’m going to photograph.

I never knew that you get white boxers. I have never seen a white boxer before, apparently you do, but in the past breeders euthanize white boxer puppies. That’s really sad.

Boxer Dog Boxers

boxer-dog-20140629-001 Boxer Dog Photography Boxer Picture

Besides meeting all the different dog breeds, it’s also very interesting to meet the owners. Learning more about why they chose a certain breed over another, and what they love about the breed.


Next week: A Miniature Schnauzer!