Basset Hound – Dog Photography

December 2014 ended on a high note for me here at Framed Pawtraits. The Last dog I photographed for the year was an awesome basset hound girl named Deloris.

I mentioned previously that I think Basset Hounds are very difficult to photograph, but I have to say Deloris was a joy to photograph, and I ended up with some stunning photographs of this Basset Hound.

I went to photograph Deloris on location. I visited her and her mommy, not knowing what to expect from Deloris, and not being 100% sure how I will manage to photograph a dog on my own. My ‘assistant’ couldn’t go with to photograph Deloris, so that was the first real challenge that I faced.

Basset Hound

After setting up the lights and the backdrop, Deloris became very eager and very enthusiastic to be photographed.. She really enjoyed all the treats and all the attention, and didn’t mind the camera in her face at all. I think her enthusiasm to be photographed made it so much easier for me to take photos of her. She had fun and enjoyed being photographed, and I had an amazing time photographing this awesome girl.


To be honest, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be to photograph a dog without an assistant. But… I have to admit, I missed my assistant, having her around makes it so much easier to photograph all the awesome doggies that I have been photographing the past year.

I’m really looking forward to 2015. I’m looking forward to meet and photograph some amazing doggies this year, dogs like Deloris, the Basset Hound.