Framed Pawtraits’ FAQ’s

This list of Frequently Asked Questions have been created to assist you in making your dog’s portrait session run smoothly. If there are any questions that I have not answered, please contact me via my contact page here or email me directly at gene@framedpawtraits.co.za.


Q. How much are your Portrait Sessions?
A. Photography Sessions start at R4000 for our Creation Fee and includes a R1000 credit towards any of our printing products. Email me for an info booklet with all our products & pricing. We have regular specials on our Print Products, and best way to make sure you know about them is to join our free monthly newsletter.

Q. What does the Session/Creation Fee Include?
A. The Creation Fee includes: A design consultation, the actual photo session with your preferred style (Life Style, Fine Art or Love Session), editing of your photographs, delivery of your print products. You also receive a R1000 credit towards any of our print products.

Q. Where do the Photo Sessions take place?
A. Our Studio is mobile and can be set up at your home, thus alleviating the stress of a new and unfamiliar environment on your dog, and making it as comfortable as possible for everyone. We can also photograph at a location you and your dog enjoy spending time at. No travelling fee asked for locations in and around Pretoria.

Q. We don’t live in Pretoria, how can we have our dog photographed?
A. No Problem, like I mentioned, our studio is mobile, and we photograph at your home, and if that happens to be outside Pretoria, we do travel. Depending on the distance we might have to ask a travelling fee.

Q. How do I schedule a Photo Session?
A. Visit our booking page here to see our availability and to also pick your date for your design consultation and/or your portrait session. You can book your portrait session from the booking page or wait for the design consultation where we can discuss a date and time most convenient for everyone.

Q. Should I book a Consultation Session?
A. Preferably Yes! We prefer to meet before the actual date of the photo session to make sure we are all on the same page and know what we need to do to deliver what you pay us for. At the design consultation we discuss everything; your wishes for your portrait session, we talk about the details of the photo session and show you our products, discuss and share ideas on where to display your work of art and what style would work best. And the Best part! We get to meet you and your dog(s).. So Yes, we prefer to have a meet-and-greet before the actual photo session.

Q. What is the difference between your Photo sessions/styles?
A. The Fine Art Session: Our Signature work is our Fine Art & Classic Portraiture Sessions. These take place in a studio setting creating a specific mood from which the creation of photo-art begins.
The Life Style Session: These are different from the Fine Art Sessions in that they are more orientated towards capturing your dog’s personality rather than a mood. These sessions take place on location like in and around your home, a park or any location you love to spend time with your dog.
The Love Session: These are for capturing the special bond and love that exists between dog and owner, photographing you and your dog sharing special moments.

Q. Which Session should I choose?
A. This is again why a design consultation is so important. When we meet, you can see the different style samples and from there you can decide what would look best in the location where you want to place your wall art. We take into account the room, and the mood you would like to create with your Art Work.

Q. When and how will we be able to view the photographs?
A. After the photo session we take approximately 2 weeks to edit and select the best photographs from the photo session. We will upload the photos to a private online gallery where you can view your photographs in the comfort of your home and from there select the photographs you would love to have printed.

Q. How do we order our Wall Art?
A. When viewing your photographs on the online gallery, each photo will have a Reference number which you send us together with your product choice.

Q. When will I receive my prints?
A. After we receive your order for your prints, we have your photographs printed at our lab to the highest International standards. Depending on the products chosen delivery takes place between 7-14 working days. To ensure there are no damage to your products, we deliver your prints in person, we don’t use a courier service.

Q. Are digital files included?
A. We do not include digital files with your purchase. We do however provide the photographs from the gallery in a .zip file for you to download to your computer to share on social media or with friends and family.

Q. When should I pay you?
A. Payment should be done on or before the photo session, if not, then after the photo session will also be in order, but editing of your photographs and delivery of your products will only be done after we received your payment.

Q. Do you only photograph well trained dogs?
A. No, if they are then that is a bonus, but that is not a requirement. If you think your dogs won’t be good models, then please read this blog post about that very topic.

Q. How long after the photo session do we have to order our prints?
A. There is no time limit, you can order prints at any time, but the R1000 credit is only valid for 3 months after your photo session, the cost of the products on our price list you received is only valid until our yearly price increase, which is in April. After April please enquire about the new prices.

Q. Should I have the photos from the photo session printed? And why?
A. The easy answer..Yes! Why wouldn’t you want to have your photographs created into beautiful wall art that you can display on your home/office walls. For one thing, no one will have the same piece of Art Work that you have. Also, the photos might look good on your computer screen or mobile phone, but believe me, they look so much better printed on canvas or on any of our other print mediums, and you don’t have to take out your phone or switch on your computer to see beautiful photographs of your fur kid. It will be hanging on your wall, life size! Oh, and if you are a proud parent of a dog, why wouldn’t you want to show off your kid on a beautiful piece of art work?

Q. I have my own frames that I would love to fill with photos from the photo session, can we do that?
A. Yes! We don’t print on your normal matt/gloss photo paper, we only print on high quality fine art paper. So if you would love to fill your own photo frames with the photos from your photo session, you just send us the sizes and we will have your photos printed on our fine art paper to ensure the final display would be of exceptional quality.

If you have any other questions not answered in this FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact me from our contact page here, or phone 076 499 7515, or email me directly: gene@framedpawtraits.co.za