Welcome to my passion project: Dogs&INK!

I am fascinated by people, especially people with tattoos and the stories behind their tattoos.

The year is 2017 and still today people with tattoos are being condemned for choosing tattoos as a way to express themselves. Yes it’s a permanent way to express yourself, but some people mark certain events in their life with a tattoo, and each tattoo might have significant meaning to them.

With that disapproval, there is also the impression that people with tattoos are bad and mean people, and that is why I chose to take on this project!

Being a dog photographer, I thought I would combine my love for dogs with my fascination with tattoos, and create Dogs&INK!

My goal is to show that people with tattoos are not mean or bad, but normal people with emotions that also love and hurt, and what better way to show that by showing the love and bond between them and their dog.

Casting Call

So for now I’ve put out a Casting Call for people with dogs and tattoos, lots and lots of tattoos, the bigger and more colourful the better!

If you would love to be part of this project, please contact me on or complete the form below to download an info pack with all the info.

I don’t ask a session fee, and all photo sessions will be on location in Pretoria.

Casting Call

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