Fine Art & Classic Dog Portraiture

Why I want to photograph your dog

I’ve always had dogs around me, and the sad & unfortunate truth is that they don’t live nearly as long as they should.

“I’ve loved plenty of dogs, and lost just as many.”

Memories fade, quality photographs don’t… I’ve known that for a long time, and like me, you probably also take plenty of photographs on your phone of your dogs to remember them and keep the memories alive, and make them ‘live forever’.

I want to photograph your dog to make them ‘live’ forever.

Creating beautiful and unique portraits and wall art of your dog, showing their unique personality in every photograph.


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If you are the proud parent of a dog that gives you unlimited joy, laughter, respect, companionship, devotion and love, and you want to honour and celebrate that love, then my photography and art work is for you.

We give you 100% dedication and love towards our craft and towards the service we offer and we strive to give you something different and something special:

Beautiful and Unique Wall Art Portraits

I want to photograph your dog to make them ‘live forever’.

Creating beautiful portraits  and wall art of your dog, showing their unique personality in every photograph.

Giving you a truly unique Work of Art.


Dog Art

We all have thousands of photographs of our pets somewhere hidden on our computers or cellphones. I know I do. But I don’t want to give you more photos to fill your computer or memory cards.
I want to give you something special. I want to give you quality and unique wall art for you home or office; guaranteed to last a life time.

Wall Art to display on your home/office walls, that will give you a smile every time you look it.

Art that will bring back all the emotions and love you have for your dog and just make you think about your dog and the special bond you share.

We offer various types of Photo Sessions to suit your needs and requirements for your unique Wall Art.

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Framed Pawtraits is Located in Montana, Pretoria, and caters for the Greater Gauteng Region.

I would love to hear more about you and the love and bond you share with your dog.

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